Friday Blues

i’ve been listening to Clazziquai since .what.. 2007 ?

my favorite album so far is Love Child of The Century (released in 2007) ,

recently i listen to this album when i’m at work (yes, i listen to music when i’m working -_-)

i always love alex’s voice, and Friday Blues is one of his solo for this album.

yesterday i tried to checked out a view lyrics of their works, and realized this Friday Blues lyrics is very very dalem (at least for me) :))

so i thought i’ll just put the translation lyrics on my blog

Clazziquai – 금요일의 Blues / Friday Blues

It’s Friday in the morning

I woke up with the pain

I try to recall

Your faint scent

I didn’t mean to say to you

It’s getting hard to justify

I didn’t mean to say to you

My memory is beautiful but sad

It’s Friday in the morning

I get to break in the dream or be all cloudy but

Your white and clean appearance

Once more I cannot get used to the thought of you forgetting

and my heart is getting so cold

You’re also going to forget about me right?

Take me to another place

I can try to forget you

My tears and my smiles as well

A day of forgetting oh

this is how it feels

I’ve gotta let you go

you’ve gotta let me go

I’m getting over you

you getting over me

because you’ll maybe find me on time

I know I will be alright

source :

this song will always bring back the memory of that day :3

November events

So Perfume is coming to HK, taiwan , korea and singapore. They gonna held their very first asia tour and the nearest to indonesia is singapore so i’m thinking to go there to see their live.

It’s gonna be in nov 24th.. and the crazy thing is there would be Jazz Goes to campus in UI , depok at the next day XDD 

So perhaps i’ll just go to singapore on friday night, having fun at Escape on saturday night and fly back to jakarta on the next morning and go to depok.


Sounds tiring _ _ 


i’m not sure if I will be going to JGTC or not if orange Pekoe didn’t announce that they’re going to perform in JGTC XD 




JGTC international performers are not fixed yet, but i’m hoping that Kyoto jazz Massive , Clazziquai , Ken Hirai , Depapepe and Soil n Pimp Session would perform too ~

Let’s Attack All Around !

So I’ve heard their name many times on the news like tokyograph etc, the first time i saw them was in 2008, i fell in love with Shinjirou at that time XDD but since then i’ve never listen to any of their song except for Climax Jump, which is the opening song for Kamen Rider Den-O, it’s a catchy song but the music is not my cup of tea, then one day i watched their performance on NHK Kouhaku Utagasen 2011-2012 , they sang the song titled Call, and i was impressed (first that catch my eye was Uno’s pretty blue dress that looks similar to Indonesian brokat :p ) , so i search their PV (Promotion Video) on Youtube .. found their song ‘Music’ ,,never get tired of this song XD i like Hidaka’s rap part in the middle of the song when the other dance together =D and one thing leads to another .. i joined the community in dreamwidth XD

AAA (read as Triple A) is a co-ed group , this 5 boys and 2 (cute) girls are all selected from audition held by Avex Trax, the member were dancers for big Avex’s artist like Ayumi Hamasaki , Ami Suzuki etc..

pic: (left-right)(up) Ito Chiaki, Sueyoshi Shuta , Hidaka Mitsuhiro, Urata Naoya as the leader (down) Atae Shinjiro, Misako Uno, Nishijima Takahiro

I like Nishijima Takahiro the most , i LOVE his voice ! X3 but listen to only his voice would be a dull. People always saying that he should have gone solo instead, but i prefer him in a group , just for the sake of ballancing, his voice is high along with Naoya & Uno. but making a solo single is not a bad idea either, i’ll buy it for sure ,D and of course one of the reason why i love nissy is his cute face too :p oh and i think he’s a good actor too, tho i only had watched him on Tumbling, but i’m definitely looking forward for his upcoming movie ‘Signal : getsuyobi no Ruka’.

he’ll make a cute ojiichan XD

My second favorite member is Hidaka, he raps in style XD .. and then Shuuta , as for Shuuta , i love his voice when singing ballads, and he’s a great dancer and good at acrobatics too~ . Misako is soo gorgeous , i’m getting used to her high pitch voice, annoying when i heard it at the first time but now i kinda like her voice :3 , then we have Naoya the leader, Chiaki and Shinjirou , personally i like them.. not a fan of shinjirou’s voice tho, but he’s handsome so it’s forgiveable XDD~ *get slapped*

recommendation : for now my favorites are “Call” , “Music”, “Mosaic” and “tabidachi no uta”~ i want to sing these songs in karaoke XD

Hey! Say! Jump – Asia Tour

having a shock teraphy XD

Finally, Hey! Say! jump is going to have an Asia tour, too bad they don’t come to Indonesia tho~ (of course they won’t T_T) .

So they gonna have a concert at Yokohama Arena from May the 1st for a whole week, and then on March they’ll do a live concert for 3-days in Hong Kong, 4-days in April in Taipei, 2-days in May in Bangkok and 4-days in June in Seoul. (Source: Sanspo)

The nearest city from Indonesia would be Bangkok ,, as i browse the avalon site for the ticket info in Bangkok , i realize i don’t think i can go to see them , the bangkok live is in May 26-27 .. the thing is,, i will be getting back from Japan at 23rd ,, i’m not rich for sure . i can’t even glare at my wallet to imagine how much money i have to spend if i go to the concert T___T

so.. to go .. or not to go ? *dilema*

Ps:i bet Yamada would be really happy to perform in South Korea X))

updated : the Bangkok show canceled, this means i’m not going :3

Sundown Festival

So i just found out, for the last 3 years there have been this event called ‘Sundown Festival’ in Singapore.. Telat banget memang, apalagi pas tau 2010 kemarin ada LMC n SUG .. arghhh~ i’m dying to meet Takeru in person !! *nosebleed*

and for this year, they had Vivid. here some of the ad poster that i capture when i was in singapore last month

unfortunately the event held a week after my schedule visit to singapore, meh~

i hope someday those jrockers (vkei or non) would come to Indonesia :3 i kinda pray for Dir en Grey in Jakarta Rock Festival next year, they said they already have DeG on the list ;D

ahhh i’m sooo looking forward the artists list of the Sundown Festival next year =)

Jamiroquai Live @ Sentul

Baru dapet email ini..

Yth Seluruh Penggemar Java Jazz,

Jamiroquai akan hadir di hadapan anda pada tanggal 8 April 2009 mendatang di Sentul City Convention, Bogor.

Harga Tiket :
VIP – silahkan hubungi 021-96810023
Section A – Rp. 2,500,000.-
Section B – Rp. 2,000,000.-
Section C – Rp. 2,000,000.-
Section D – Rp. 1,500,000.-
Section E – Rp. 750,000.-
Section F – Rp. 750,000.-

Dapatkan diskon 15% bagi pemegang kartu kredit BNI (syarat & ketentuan berlaku)

Bagi anda yang belum memiliki tiketnya, segera dapatkan di situs kami:

atau langsung di kantor kami:
PT Java Festival Production
Simprug Gallery A1
Jl. Teuku Nyak Arif no 10
Jakarta Selatan 12220

untuk info lebih lanjut, hubungi hotline kami di 021-96810022/23

Terima kasih,
Java Festival Production

Agak shock pas liat promo nya di JJF kemaren hu3~

tiket nya mahal~ hidup nabung!! hidup sekolah lagii!!
*menyemangati diri untuk menghilangkan rasa mupeng*


Mode: Fangirl
Listening To : Monday Michiru – Sands of Time

Tiba-tiba gw terpana ngeliat poster ini
kagrra club circuit 2008
Click to enlarge

Nao : Terlihat manglingi sekali..
Shin : Matanya itu loh bang! *gaya bencong*
Isshi : o_O ..naksir Fan-nya ..
Izumi : Makin cinta ama sweet leader satu ini ^^;
Akiya: Terlihat tampan ..ya diapain juga dia memang ganteng!!

Gak sabar nunggu foto versi solo nya keluar .. =3

Duhh..Isshi ..u look so da*n hot in that kimono ..apa emang kimono nya yg keren ya ? xD ..Pertama kali liat page ini di livejournal langsung menutup mulut dan menahan napas *klo gak bisa2 tereak2 gak berenti deh gue*..ha3 sampe berapa menit gw pelototin ini piku.. *nasib seekor fans*

Dan bodohnya baru gw sadari.. akiya looks even more cute with the hairdo he3..poni nya diangkat xD