Been a while no update. Not bcuz i don’t have anything to share. I have lots of things on my mind recently, and i just need some times to sort things out . 😅

My work life have become more exciting than before. Since February i’m involve in a new project (hence the outdated blog). This project is actually not ‘new’ per se. It started 5 years ago and our client had other consultant to do this project, and now they want us to handle it. So we have some kind of sharing knowledge / job training, while we’re working on the new CR (change request).

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About Life

Suddenly my mom asked me whether I’m happy or not with my life right now. My parents always think that building our own business is the best way to make a living, that’s why they want me to inherit our shop. My father runs it for more than 20 years, awesome ya .

We all know there always be ups and down, everybody have worries, everyone have complaints about things, doesn’t matter if you run your own business or working in a company. I actually like (if it’s not love) what i do, though my job is not the best in the world (what is the best job in the world anyway? ) and never comes to mind that programming would be something i do to make a living.

When I was a kid, I didn’t know what I want to do when I grow up, what I wanted to be. I only know that i just want to work with computer (because I alwasy thought that typing things on computer looks very cool hahah) .

All I know was that I always love Maths and English (somehow i can absorb new language very easy). I’m not the best in class, but I always get the best grades on that 2 subjects.

I watched tv alot when I’m in elementary school. Japanese dramas and animes were a hype. I watched almost all of it, i red comic books, and didn’t realize that I was into Japanese culture :p . I learned Japanese language in high school (as Mata pelajaran bahasa asing selain English), and realized I found what I wanted to do after graduate. But back then, learning languages considered as ‘not a great ‘ choice if I wanted to make a good money (padahal sih lihat kondisi sekarang ya gak jelek juga). So I left Japanese language for Information Technology.

I left Bogor for Bandung.

To cut it short, here I am now. working as an application developer at IT consultant company. I have no regret for choosing this field, though I still learning japanese language. I got my JLPT N4 certificate and i’ll try my best and hope i can pass the test for N3 this December and N2 next year.

And of course i wanted to do something with my father’s shop, i just need some times to think about the concept and all, since i only want to do what i like to do. Because for me life is all about doing things that excite myself, if not i would call it a failure -_-

Hope i can spare some times to juggle with these things -_-.

well, that’s all . hope i can keep this blog updated :p