Kind of hard trying to keep this blog updated 😿

So currently i’m using hadoop framework invented by the company i work for now ‘Hgrid’ for one of the task i’m working, this is my first time using hadoop for work so.. お楽しみしています.

The 2 other task as usual using shell script , and database are using MySQL and teradata.

Kerjaan ngape gak jauh2 dr ETL 😸

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Happy 2014 !

As usual I always contemplate things I’ve done in my life on my birthday , and for this year (tahun kemarin sih sebenernya, tapi gpp lah ya, toh desember 2013) I just realized that my life for the past 2 years was too laid back, leha2 dan banyak menunda. Dari hal kecil kayak cuci piring sampai skripsi *self toyor* . Dan meski pada akhirnya menyesal, ini gak bikin saya jera, makanya bisa sampai 2 tahun -_-

that’s why I made decisions for this new year, I need to go back on track.

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Had a kick off meeting for 3 days @ Taman Safari Garden Hotel in Puncak , Bogor

first day ..we have THE Meeting up until midnight , tiring indeed, but i’m fully awake when my CEO gave his speech ..

i love the fact that he always have new things coming up for the company

second day was a blast , we have outbond activities.

third day i choose to have a trip to taman safari , it was fun ! the last time i went to taman safari is like 20 years ago or something XD

oh ..this is the view from the restaurant when we had breakfast