Heartbreaking news comes from aviation industry. Air Asia flight Surabaya – Singapore reported off the radar.

I’m pretty shocked about the news, since i trust Air Asia the most for budgeted flight, and i often fly with them too.

My heart goes to all the people on the plane .
semoga pesawat dan seluruh penumpang , staff dan pilot cepat ditemukan .

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Movie : Big hero 6

Just watched it last night . Big Hero 6 is one of the anticipated movie this year for me so i think i’m trying to write a ‘review’ about it.

Big Hero 6 is a fun movie. Story wise kind of predicted, well it’s disney :p but i like the idea of mixing 2 cities in 1 place . San Fransisco and Tokyo, i can understand why Lasseter chose Tokyo, but San Fransisco ? i mean why not New York ? (New York deuii)

So in San Fransokyo they have San Fransokyo Tower which resemble Tokyo Tower, they also have Golden Gate , and what’s hanging on the city skyline i think it’s somehow looks like koinobori… i don’t know anymore :))) .

And we have Stan Lee being a cameo . I didn’t know this film originated from Stan Lee’s comic but they use only the title while the story n characters are totally different. I can imagine when the team had a meeting with Stan Lee , it’s gotta be like :
D/P (disney pixar)
SL (Stan Lee)
D/P : jd gini cyin, akik mo bikin pilem big hero 6 , tapi jln ceritanya begini .. bla bla bla
SL : oh gpp sih cyin pakek aja judulnya, tapi akika nongol juga ya di filmnya
D/P : beres cyin ~

Trus kenapa harus ngebancik , akik juga gak ngerti cyin :p

I cried in almost all the drama scene (secara gue cengeng) , especially when hiro lost his brother 😦 ya even though i don’t know how does it feel to have a big brother.

My favorite character among the six is definitely Baymax (i need the plushies stat !!), quoting myself after watched the first trailer , he’s ‘lucuk sugiru’ .  The second one is Fred. he’s so weird and high all the time, probably because of too much eating vetsin *halah*

Hmm i guess that’s all for the review., might post something about another movie (if i’m not lazy) pfftt~

cyuuss.. dah nek~

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