December Wishes

These are the two things that i look forward for this month.

First, i’m gonna take Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 this year, and i hope i can work on the exam at least 50% right  XD i set my target very low since i haven’t learn anything new this year -..-

Second, watching The Hobbit on my 28th birthday xD see, the Hobbit will be release on my birthday,december 14th. and i’m looking forward for this movie since last year when the first trailer is out ,so~



went to airport to see my brother off to Jogjakarta, he’s moving there -_-

i am soooo gonna miss you alot brader !

this is his first travel by airplane experience , he’s sooo excited :p

his friends gave him this for farewell gift

Mr 2. Bon Clay’s action figure

why Mr 2?

because my brother loves one piece, and he often mimicking Mr 2’s ballet at office , i can’t even imagine -_-