Been a while no update. Not bcuz i don’t have anything to share. I have lots of things on my mind recently, and i just need some times to sort things out . 😅

My work life have become more exciting than before. Since February i’m involve in a new project (hence the outdated blog). This project is actually not ‘new’ per se. It started 5 years ago and our client had other consultant to do this project, and now they want us to handle it. So we have some kind of sharing knowledge / job training, while we’re working on the new CR (change request).

At first i was very happy for this chance but then i have to sign a contract as my commitment to this project, for 2 years. I actually have another plan for my career so i think i need to postpone it.

So far, in this 3 months, i’m doing pretty good, there are many things i’ve learned in this 3 months not just technical skill but also how to see and do things as one structure, because my company do things very differently comparing to the trainer’s company.

Hmm, i guess that’s it. Wish me luck! Hope i can excel in this project. 🙂

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