Highlight of 2015

Actually there’s nothing much happened this year but i’m trying to keep this post annually so.. here we go~


i’ve managed to make swimming as my Saturday morning routine yay! Not every Saturday of course, but i always go whenever i can. As for my running medal hunting, unlike last year, i didn’t get medal as many as i could, bcuz i started to lose my motivation XD see,  most of the running events right now are getting more expensive but the medal is getting uglier *lol*
Nevertheless i still jog in the morning. Somehow it keeps me in the good mood 😸
Ow by the way, I kinda miss yoga.  I’d love to join yoga studio near my place but i still haven’t found a good one 😦

My parents decided to move to suburban, so starting November they live in some kampung named Sukawening, it’s near Ciherang, bogor . The old place would be rented to a family who runs a restaurant. I wasn’t happy about this decision, because the kampung is like in the middle of nowhere, and i used to live in a place that near to mal, traditional and modern market, park, and even train station ..so it was a battle for myself bcuz i don’t want to argue with my dad lol .

But it’s all okay now. I’m pretty much get used to the new place. The good thing is, we can keep a cat 😻 and not only 1 but 3 hahah, also we can hear the frog singing when it’s raining😍

i got a chance to visit India on April, Bandung on September, and  Hongkong-Macao this December.

The India trip was a awesome !! Especially Kashmir. Wish i can go there again someday.
Click here for more post from my trip to India.

I went to bandung in a group tour , bcuz we never done any of that before. So we decided to have a 1 day trip to hutan raya Djuanda, Tebing Karaton and bukit Moko.

Hongkong was good. I can say that i like Hongkong island and Tung Chung island better than Kowloon, and i’d love to visit Macao again bcuz last time i went there, it was too much rain and i couldn’t really enjoy the city.

Love life
I didn’t ask God to be in a relationship in near future but i guess God wants the other way haha. So it’s been 7 months since i met this guy. Hope things will work out well 💕. Well actually things doing pretty good until now, i mean whenever i’m in a relationship i tend to act like a drama queen, i argue alot, i cry alot,  and hate myself after that XD it happens most of the time when i’m on period, but this 7 months i laugh alot, i even forgot when’s the last time i cried 😅 i’m not sure if it’s because of him, or it’s just me lol.

Okay, i guess that’s pretty much sums it all. So, see you guys next year. Have a great new years evening! 🎉🎉🎊

Ps: as for my target list this year i somehow couldn’t stick to it 😅 *self toyor*

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