Travel bucket list

I love traveling, but u can call me cocky because i only want to go to places that worth to be visit (in my opinion of course) 😽. There are some places i’ve been dreaming to visit, and here are the top list.

New Zealand
As a Lord of the Ring fans i can’t pass this one. I have the urge to go to New Zealand 😸. Besides the Hobbiton, i would love to hunt some of Aurora Australis while having a road trip on a campervan to explore the beauty of the country.

I hate winter, but then i watched Ben stiller’s movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and it really did a good job on making me want to visit Iceland. Even though in the movie they said it was in Greenland, they actually shot it in Iceland. Since Iceland has been winter like all the time, i gotta prepare harder for this trip.

Perhaps because i have a small part of Chinese blood inside me, i kind of attracted to the country no matter what. Lol. There are some places in China that i would love to visit, and since it’s a big country i’m not sure if i can visit them all in one hit. My top priority on the list must be Beijing, Harbin, Guilin, Yunnan and Zhangjiajie .

Europe via Trans Siberian Railway
Riding Trans Siberian railway is like every traveler’s dream. I imagining myself go to Harbin in China to Ulan bator passing the Gobi desert, straight to Russia, stopping in Kazan and other interesting cities. From st. Petersburg, taking eurorail to Netherlands, France, Germany , Belgium and Italy 😻😻 . It’s gonna take a lot of money and time so i’m not sure when this trip’s gonna take, also the trans Siberian railway ticket is pretty expensive. 🙀

I always attracted to things related to Japan since kids, and i have dream to visit all of the prefecture in Japan. Lol . Japan has 47 prefecture and i only visit 3 of them, Osaka , Kyoto and Tokyo. ‘Only’ 44 prefectures to go 😉

Indonesia is a big and beautiful country. I feel grateful to be born here. Just like they say about Indonesia ‘God is in a good mood
when creating Indonesia’. Flores, Sabang , Togian and Takabonerate are on my top priority list. Sad thing is, visiting eastern Indonesia is pricier than going to our neighbor country such as Singapore and Thailand .🙀

In a year ahead i probably gonna be more focus on domestic trip. Next plan would be Flores sail trip on may 2016. Hope i can nail it !

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