Why India

Almost all of my colleagues at the office asked me the same question ‘why India?’, and i was like ‘why not?’ .

India has lots of world heritage sites (more than Indonesia), and i always like the fact that they still preserve and hold on to their culture wherever they are. Working in mega kuningan area where Indian expatriats make a living here, you’ll get used to see Indian women wear their sari while doing groceries. (^^)

I know it’s not a very hygienic country, nor Indonesia. It’s not a very safe country, nor Indonesia. I heard lots of scam going on in India and what freaks me out mostly is the raping, but doesn’t criminal happen in any country ? ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

Mengutip kalimatnya Trinity, klo ngikutin rasa takut terus ya kita gak jalan2 donk ? ( ̄▽ ̄)

Dengan maraknya kasus kriminal disana, saya dan teman2 harus extra berhati2, dan banyak baca pengalaman orang-orang terutama wanita yang traveling kesana. Kalau mau blogwalking banyak juga koq cerita solo travelers cewe dari Indonesia yang sukses trip ke sana. Ya, hopefully kami berempat juga aman2 aja selama disana. (^^)

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