Trip plan to India

So i’ve planned this trip with the other girls from like a year ago. We’re going to Kolkata, Delhi, Agra and Kashmir (Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg).

I red about Kashmir from Marina Kusumawardhani’s book ‘Jingga’, got interested in it since then (and for you who haven’t read it, please do(^-^)).
Since me and my friends couldn’t take leaves from works more than a week, we decided to only go to 4 places, our top priority of course Kashmir, we even cancel the trip to Jaipur because we want to stay longer in Kashmir .

So here’s the itinerary plan:

Kolkata : Victoria memorial, Mother Theresa’s House
Delhi : India gate, Qutb minar, Garden of 5 senses, Lotus temple, Red fort, Jama Masjid
Agra : Agra fort and Taj mahal
Srinagar : Dal lake, Mughal gardens
Gulmarg: Gondola ride to Affarwat
Pahalgam : Aru village , Chandanwari, Betaab valley, Baisaran hills, Tulian lake, Jamia Millia Mosque

Before we go to Kolkata we will have a day trip in Kuala Lumpur (i want to go Colmar Tropicale and Batu Cave if possible) and 1 more day in Bangkok after India so, we’ll see how things turn out. Hope it will be a great journey.

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