Getting lost

I can say that I work out more when I’m on a trip, especially when I got lost 😀

When me n my friends went to merlion park last September,  the route to Singapore flyer was closed due to F1. I thought I somehow can find a way to get to the flyer.  but after almost an hour walking my friends were giving up and then we took a cab. Padahal Singapore flyer nya sudah terlihat, hanya kami gak menemukan jalan ke pintu masuk berhubung banyak jalan yang ditutup. But then we conclude that taking cab never be a solution in Singapore when you get lost, uncle driver seems don’t know where to go, masih enak naik taxi di Jakarta deh -_-

(oh Dan ternyata Flyer nya memang tutup gara2 F1 -_-)

While in Jogja last may, my hotel is 10 min walk from Malioboro.

The same goes with Kyoto,  since our hotel in Shijo Dori, we can just walk for about 5 min to Gion, and through Higashiyama district to Kiyomizudera it took us about 2-3 hours (we stopped at almost everything that interesting)

The fact is I always lost couple of pounds when I’m on a trip :p
while on workdays I only walk for about 5-7 mins to get to the office
so to keep my health *haeh* I walk faster and do some circuit training before breakfast time (at least once in a week).

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