Friday Blues

i’ve been listening to Clazziquai since .what.. 2007 ?

my favorite album so far is Love Child of The Century (released in 2007) ,

recently i listen to this album when i’m at work (yes, i listen to music when i’m working -_-)

i always love alex’s voice, and Friday Blues is one of his solo for this album.

yesterday i tried to checked out a view lyrics of their works, and realized this Friday Blues lyrics is very very dalem (at least for me) :))

so i thought i’ll just put the translation lyrics on my blog

Clazziquai – 금요일의 Blues / Friday Blues

It’s Friday in the morning

I woke up with the pain

I try to recall

Your faint scent

I didn’t mean to say to you

It’s getting hard to justify

I didn’t mean to say to you

My memory is beautiful but sad

It’s Friday in the morning

I get to break in the dream or be all cloudy but

Your white and clean appearance

Once more I cannot get used to the thought of you forgetting

and my heart is getting so cold

You’re also going to forget about me right?

Take me to another place

I can try to forget you

My tears and my smiles as well

A day of forgetting oh

this is how it feels

I’ve gotta let you go

you’ve gotta let me go

I’m getting over you

you getting over me

because you’ll maybe find me on time

I know I will be alright

source :

this song will always bring back the memory of that day :3

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