To the 40 yo me

Dear 40 yo me..

How are you ? genki ?
I hope your health is improving 🙂
How’s your nihongo ?

What have you been done in this 11 years ?
You always said that you want to give your best for your family.
How many kids do you have ? please take a picture of your kids 😀
He/she must be around 10yo right now
Is he/she being a good kid ?

What are hou doing right now ?
I’m currently working on my undergrad thesis

Do you still love watching japanese drama and variety show ?
What kind of music are u listening recently ?

How’s mom and dad ?
oh i bet you leave the company already huh ?

They say ‘life begins at 40’
so how are you gonna live your life towards now ?

I hope you got that master scholarship at UI and pursue all your target in life ~

In this age.. please enjoy more of this life as you only get to live it once.

ps: only because of the saying ‘life begin at 40’ :p

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