Short Trip

so yesterday i had a visit to cirebon and majalengka

me and farah have planned to go to Gina’s Wedding party there

we went to the Pasar Senen Station by kopaja after dawn , we took an economy train to Cirebon (cost only 50.000 IDR for round trip)

it was quite a ride, i like the view.. the rice paddy fields , the river, the bridge we passed etc


i used colorful effect from Camera 360 app

Cirebon is Farah’s Hometown, i’ve visited Cirebon once, and my comments about this town is HOT !! feels like they have 3 suns #lebay

we arrived at Perujakan Station @ 10.30 am , the weather wasn’t as hot as i thought XD

then we took an angkot to have some Nasi Jamblang @ mang dul


Gina’s wedding was on that very day, so Farah asked her father to drive us to Majalengka, it took about 1,5-2 hours by car.

the traffic was quite crowded, but luckily we can make it before the party’s over .

we only stay for 2 hours and then went to Kuningan to visit Farah’s little brother at some pesantren I forgot the name

after that we went back to cirebon, i slept over at farah’s home .

we went home to Jakarta at the next morning from Babakan Station which only takes 5 minutes ride from Farah’s home XD

it was a very short trip but i enjoyed it very much, perhaps it’s time for me to take annual leave :p

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