Smart card for JaBoDe KRL

I just red this news article , so it said that our ministry who in charge of KRL wants us to learn to use the new smart card that will be launch on april.

On the other hand, the economy KRL line will be completely gone.

I’m looking forward for this progress, because since i was a kid (abt. 30 years ago) KRL is facing the same problems (maintenance, delays, illegal passenger, etc. can u even imagine ? 30 years !! -_-

The smart card e-ticketing idea came from China, i’m not sure this will solve those problem but i hope this one will work well.

I thought they have another plan for the e-ticketing, they already built the ticket scanner in every stations, it’s been there like 1-2 years, and up until now it’s still not working XDD

And for the economy KRL line, i think they should’ve been dismiss like years ago, the train should go to the museum instead , i know the ticket price is so cheap and that there are lots of people who doesn’t have enough money to buy the AC train. of course i hope that they will lower the ticket price for the AC train.

And i hope KRL don’t make stupid rules anymore, like the passengers who don’t know about the fine fee they have to pay when they have the wrong ticket, i.e : economy ticket holder who take on the wrong train (the AC train), these people have to pay about 10x the ticket price they already paid, that is so stupid. why not just make them pay in the same amount as the AC ticket? -_-

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