2012 : so far

i was reading my old posts when i stumbled upon to this, my 2012 target list XD

and when i think about it, my life in 2012 was such a failure , i could only acomplish 2 things.

i still can’t swim , nor diving

i just failed my N3 JLPT and i can’t spare my time to join any course ( i tried to enroll in Japan Foundation but then failed at the mensetsu entrance exam. Udah apply sampai 3x padahal. Dan menurut sensei level saya terlalu tinggi atau terlalu rendah, heran aja bisa lolos test tulis *jitak diri sendiri*)

for the losing weight, well.. i went to gym these days so this one is acceptable

for the lens ..i had bought the 55mm nikor (will buy the macro lens later -_-)

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