November events

So Perfume is coming to HK, taiwan , korea and singapore. They gonna held their very first asia tour and the nearest to indonesia is singapore so i’m thinking to go there to see their live.

It’s gonna be in nov 24th.. and the crazy thing is there would be Jazz Goes to campus in UI , depok at the next day XDD 

So perhaps i’ll just go to singapore on friday night, having fun at Escape on saturday night and fly back to jakarta on the next morning and go to depok.


Sounds tiring _ _ 


i’m not sure if I will be going to JGTC or not if orange Pekoe didn’t announce that they’re going to perform in JGTC XD 




JGTC international performers are not fixed yet, but i’m hoping that Kyoto jazz Massive , Clazziquai , Ken Hirai , Depapepe and Soil n Pimp Session would perform too ~

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