Let’s Attack All Around !

So I’ve heard their name many times on the news like tokyograph etc, the first time i saw them was in 2008, i fell in love with Shinjirou at that time XDD but since then i’ve never listen to any of their song except for Climax Jump, which is the opening song for Kamen Rider Den-O, it’s a catchy song but the music is not my cup of tea, then one day i watched their performance on NHK Kouhaku Utagasen 2011-2012 , they sang the song titled Call, and i was impressed (first that catch my eye was Uno’s pretty blue dress that looks similar to Indonesian brokat :p ) , so i search their PV (Promotion Video) on Youtube .. found their song ‘Music’ ,,never get tired of this song XD i like Hidaka’s rap part in the middle of the song when the other dance together =D and one thing leads to another .. i joined the community in dreamwidth XD

AAA (read as Triple A) is a co-ed group , this 5 boys and 2 (cute) girls are all selected from audition held by Avex Trax, the member were dancers for big Avex’s artist like Ayumi Hamasaki , Ami Suzuki etc..

pic: (left-right)(up) Ito Chiaki, Sueyoshi Shuta , Hidaka Mitsuhiro, Urata Naoya as the leader (down) Atae Shinjiro, Misako Uno, Nishijima Takahiro

I like Nishijima Takahiro the most , i LOVE his voice ! X3 but listen to only his voice would be a dull. People always saying that he should have gone solo instead, but i prefer him in a group , just for the sake of ballancing, his voice is high along with Naoya & Uno. but making a solo single is not a bad idea either, i’ll buy it for sure ,D and of course one of the reason why i love nissy is his cute face too :p oh and i think he’s a good actor too, tho i only had watched him on Tumbling, but i’m definitely looking forward for his upcoming movie ‘Signal : getsuyobi no Ruka’.

he’ll make a cute ojiichan XD

My second favorite member is Hidaka, he raps in style XD .. and then Shuuta , as for Shuuta , i love his voice when singing ballads, and he’s a great dancer and good at acrobatics too~ . Misako is soo gorgeous , i’m getting used to her high pitch voice, annoying when i heard it at the first time but now i kinda like her voice :3 , then we have Naoya the leader, Chiaki and Shinjirou , personally i like them.. not a fan of shinjirou’s voice tho, but he’s handsome so it’s forgiveable XDD~ *get slapped*

recommendation : for now my favorites are “Call” , “Music”, “Mosaic” and “tabidachi no uta”~ i want to sing these songs in karaoke XD

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