Bad Dream

ah i just had the worst nightmare ever

u know i’ve always think that it’s better to die first before someone i love..which is my parents.. because if my parents go first i will be very sad, th fact that i’m going to lose them will kill me slowly i guess.

but then last night, i dreamt that i died without me knowing, haha it’s like in the movie i know..

so on my way home i’m trying to save a cat from the street, then i got hit by a car . but i don’t know i already dead before people keep ignoring me while i talked to them.. i was a ghost . it takes me quite a while to realize i’m already dead. since i feel awkward , i went home, my mom didn’t notice me either. she just waited for me to get back home . i’m crying now just to imagine it . while i said ‘i’m home’ mom can’t hear me , i wanted to hug her but i couldn’t..

now after that weird dream, i think that..i don’t want to die before them.. because when i do, i can’t tell them how much i love them, how much i cherise them in my life, i can’t tell them that i’m gonna be fine..

and i hope the bad dream’s not a sign for a bad luck =_=

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