Hey! Say! Jump – Asia Tour

having a shock teraphy XD

Finally, Hey! Say! jump is going to have an Asia tour, too bad they don’t come to Indonesia tho~ (of course they won’t T_T) .

So they gonna have a concert at Yokohama Arena from May the 1st for a whole week, and then on March they’ll do a live concert for 3-days in Hong Kong, 4-days in April in Taipei, 2-days in May in Bangkok and 4-days in June in Seoul. (Source: Sanspo)

The nearest city from Indonesia would be Bangkok ,, as i browse the avalon site for the ticket info in Bangkok , i realize i don’t think i can go to see them , the bangkok live is in May 26-27 .. the thing is,, i will be getting back from Japan at 23rd ,, i’m not rich for sure . i can’t even glare at my wallet to imagine how much money i have to spend if i go to the concert T___T

so.. to go .. or not to go ? *dilema*

Ps:i bet Yamada would be really happy to perform in South Korea X))

updated : the Bangkok show canceled, this means i’m not going :3

2 respons untuk ‘Hey! Say! Jump – Asia Tour

  1. hai chie…i’m risa from indonesia
    why do u not see the concert in japan? as u still in there in may 1st
    anyway can u tell me how to get the ticket from avalon or if it’s possible how to get their ticket in yokohama…actually i want to go to japan if i have enough money

    • @Risa i can’t go to Yokohama,, my trip begin in May 17th X’|

      Avalon site hasn’t update their information about the concert yet, tapi harusnya sieh gak susah ya untuk beli tiket di Thailand, saya masih nunggu info selanjutnya untuk yang ini..

      Kalau untuk yang di Yokohama,hmm.. setau saya agak susah ya untuk bisa dapet tiket konser artist besar di Jepang , karena biasanya meski kita udah book, masih akan di undi lagi,, atau ada juga yang lebih mengutamakan member Fansclub , mungkin kalau ada kenalan di Yokohama dan sekitarnya bisa minta tolong book tiketnya, kalau gak ada, bisa coba cari kenalan lewat komunitas di Livejournal dsb..

      HTH ya, kalau mau ke Thailand, fans2 dari surabaya setau saya sieh mau pada berangkat bareng2 tuh ;D

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