2011 vs 2012

so it’s the first day of 2012 . i feel pretty much the same as the other day tho~ :p

2011 was quite a year for me,

February, i quited my job, trying to get better GPA

share a lot of joy with my friends

Bought my own DSLR camera *Nikon D3100, it’s old but i think it’s enough for an amateur like me =) *

October ,had a new job , i don’t want to make it a big deal but this month was full of tears,, *pengaruh hormon XD * and lots of saving heheh..

November, had my Kolokium (proposal presentation for my undergraduate thesis), didn’t do well ..but wtf~

December, nothing special happen in this month, only took N3 JLPT at the first sunday ~

My target list for 2011 were pretty much well done 🙂

i had my N4 Noryouku Shiken certification, get a “more challenging” job, i travel more, started a new hobby (making amigurumi-i’ll post something about this later) , and uh..

i forgot the other XD

2012 sure brings me lots of expectations ..my target-list for this year would be:
– learn to swim
– learn to dive (i know u don’t necessary have the ability to swim if u want to learn to dive, but heck i want to be able to swim too !)
– get my N3 Noryouku shiken certification
– enroll japanese language course (decided to go to Jakarta Communication Club =) )
– start my DIY Project (i miss my sewing machine XD )
– go on a diet , i gained 4 kilos last month T___T
– get a fix lens 50mm & macro lens (who doesn’t love macro photography? XD )

that’s all i guess~

. might edit this post for some additional list :p .

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