Sundown Festival

So i just found out, for the last 3 years there have been this event called ‘Sundown Festival’ in Singapore.. Telat banget memang, apalagi pas tau 2010 kemarin ada LMC n SUG .. arghhh~ i’m dying to meet Takeru in person !! *nosebleed*

and for this year, they had Vivid. here some of the ad poster that i capture when i was in singapore last month

unfortunately the event held a week after my schedule visit to singapore, meh~

i hope someday those jrockers (vkei or non) would come to Indonesia :3 i kinda pray for Dir en Grey in Jakarta Rock Festival next year, they said they already have DeG on the list ;D

ahhh i’m sooo looking forward the artists list of the Sundown Festival next year =)

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