New Year’s Eve plan

Why does time fly so fast?

It’s december already, and the last time i posted on this blog is february.. and soon it will be new year’s eve

And i don’t think i’m going to enjoy my new year’s eve, coz it’s gonna be a hell of a day


Itulah plan gue di malam tahun baru
Yaay ( ̄▽ ̄)

And i’m pretty sure i had to go home from campus on foot cause of the traffic jam will going to be at that night

Tapi mau gak mau sieh, klo gak dikerjain ya gak selesai.. plus gue cuma bisa ngerjain pas weekend.

Ah it’s been 14 days since my birthday, basicly i always list my target for the next year, this is one of the advantage being born in the last month of the year (^-^) , but this time i haven’t list anything except to get my N3 NNS certificate on july, and join diving course.

Okay , i need to get back to work now..

And u know what, this is kinda sucks, because i’m now the only programmer left in this team, there were used to be 2 person, but the other one has something to do with the former project. Eeque banget (,,•﹏•,,)

oh well~

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