today’s my birthday, and like usual, i always forgot about it xD

it was those greetings from my friends that reminds me ,, i think i have to thank them for that :p

as always, in my birthday i always list the highlight for this year..

well, 2011 is pretty much the same as 2010 for me

i go to work everyday, school at night, did my homework and all

but then at march i resigned from work, it’s my decision that i wanted to focus on my study.. and i think it was kind of worked,heheh

at the last semester in october, i only have to work on my undergraduate thesis so i think i’m gonna have some extra time to do other things,, that’s why i begin to find a new job heheh agak kangen sama gajian, dan kebetulan apply sekali langsung keterima kerja di IT consultant sebagai PL programmer.

i always think that i don’t have passion to work in IT/telco field, agak kurang pinter gitu deh kemampuan logika berpikirnya. tapi berhubung udah kecemplung dan working experience gue sebelumnya juga sebagai PL Programmer ,so~

at the first day, i was having a bad time with myself, i don’t know.. a lot of bad things happen in the same time only brings out the worst in me i guess. and i was planning to get out from this company after the first year over. but now i get accustomed, so~

well i guess that’s for today, have to get prepared for things tomorrow

so Happy Birthday to myself.. hope i can take everyday in my life as a lesson~

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