presidential election


since my writing and reading skill in japanese (and english) kinda suck :v

from now on, i’m trying my best to also post in japanese, please feel free to correct me if there any mistyped or whatever

beware terhadap huruf2 keriting !


so today there will be presidential election here in Indonesia

i don’t know why, this year’s election feels different than 5 years ago

this year i don’t feel any doubt








April is like a life-changing month for me.

I broke up with my boyfriend
I was so busy with my work . (thx to that i’m not drowning into ‘rasa nestapa habis diputusin’)
I started to run (i’ve always wanted to join marathon since kid, tapi mungkin real marathonnya baru sanggup tahun depan heheh)
I started to eat more healthy food
I sleep earlier. Usually i went to bed almost midnight, but now i slept at 9
and  i wake up early too, so i still have time to run and preparing breakfast + lunch
my morning have never been this busy since schooldays :)

Happy 2014 !

As usual I always contemplate things I’ve done in my life on my birthday , and for this year (tahun kemarin sih sebenernya, tapi gpp lah ya, toh desember 2013) I just realized that my life for the past 2 years was too laid back, leha2 dan banyak menunda. Dari hal kecil kayak cuci piring sampai skripsi *self toyor* . Dan meski pada akhirnya menyesal, ini gak bikin saya jera, makanya bisa sampai 2 tahun -_-

that’s why I made decisions for this new year, I need to go back on track.

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Getting lost

I can say that I work out more when I’m on a trip, especially when I got lost :D

When me n my friends went to merlion park last September,  the route to Singapore flyer was closed due to F1. I thought I somehow can find a way to get to the flyer.  but after almost an hour walking my friends were giving up and then we took a cab. Padahal Singapore flyer nya sudah terlihat, hanya kami gak menemukan jalan ke pintu masuk berhubung banyak jalan yang ditutup. But then we conclude that taking cab never be a solution in Singapore when you get lost, uncle driver seems don’t know where to go, masih enak naik taxi di Jakarta deh -_-

(oh Dan ternyata Flyer nya memang tutup gara2 F1 -_-)

While in Jogja last may, my hotel is 10 min walk from Malioboro.

The same goes with Kyoto,  since our hotel in Shijo Dori, we can just walk for about 5 min to Gion, and through Higashiyama district to Kiyomizudera it took us about 2-3 hours (we stopped at almost everything that interesting)

The fact is I always lost couple of pounds when I’m on a trip :p
while on workdays I only walk for about 5-7 mins to get to the office
so to keep my health *haeh* I walk faster and do some circuit training before breakfast time (at least once in a week).

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friday blues

i’ve been listening to Clazziquai since .what.. 2007 ?

my favorite album so far is Love Child of The Century (released in 2007) ,

recently i listen to this album when i’m at work (yes, i listen to music when i’m working -_-)

i always love alex’s voice, and Friday Blues is one of his solo for this album.

yesterday i tried to checked out a view lyrics of their works, and realized this Friday Blues lyrics is very very dalem (at least for me) :))

so i thought i’ll just put the translation lyrics on my blog

Clazziquai – 금요일의 Blues / Friday Blues

It’s Friday in the morning

I woke up with the pain

I try to recall

Your faint scent

I didn’t mean to say to you

It’s getting hard to justify

I didn’t mean to say to you

My memory is beautiful but sad

It’s Friday in the morning

I get to break in the dream or be all cloudy but

Your white and clean appearance

Once more I cannot get used to the thought of you forgetting

and my heart is getting so cold

You’re also going to forget about me right?

Take me to another place

I can try to forget you

My tears and my smiles as well

A day of forgetting oh

this is how it feels

I’ve gotta let you go

you’ve gotta let me go

I’m getting over you

you getting over me

because you’ll maybe find me on time

I know I will be alright

source :

this song will always bring back the memory of that day :3

to the 40 yo me

dear 40 yo me..

how are you ? genki ? are u still drinking that herbalife shake ?  xD  i hope your health is improving :)
how’s your nihon go ?

what have you been done in this 11 years ?
u always said that u want to give your best for your family
how many kids do you have ? please take a picture of your kids :D
he/she must be around 10yo right now
is he/she being a good kid ?

are u still refuse wearing skirt ? xD
i’m currently working on my undergrad thesis
do you still love watching japanese drama and variety show ?
what kind of music are u listening recently ?
how’s mom and dad ?
oh i bet you leave the company already huh :p

hmm..they say ‘life begins at 40′
so how are you gonna live your life towards now ?

i hope you got that master scholarship at UI and pursue all your target in life ~

in this age.. please enjoy more of this life as you only get to live it once.


ps: only because of the saying ‘life begin at 40′ :p